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Monero Constructions Australia is an Indigenous owned and led Civil Construction company, specialising in formwork, steel and concrete structures. We provide structural packages to the commercial construction sector encompassing all three disciplines of structures; formwork, steel and concrete. We have a strong commitment to our current and potential clients and nurture these key industry relationships, with a focus on building lasting connections with them. As a proudly Indigenous owned business, our mission is to strengthen the Indigenous community through full time employment and continual mentoring in valued trades and business practices. With direct ties to Indigenous communities, we are continually looking to reach out and understand the needs of the people at a personal level and investigate how we can implement positive change in their quality of life as stakeholders in our projects. We rely on maintaining a positive reputation within the community to assist us to carry out our obligation of closing the gap for Indigenous Australians and raising the next generation of skilled tradesmen.


Gary Mongta has 15 years of concreting and construction experience nationwide, having worked with some of the largest structural companies in Australia. Humbled by his achievements and proud of his Indigenous heritage, Gary is now focused on opening doorways for other young Indigenous Australians to get their start in the industry. Gary has worked on some of the nation’s most iconic projects ranging from the commissioning of the MCG Great Southern Stand and the Victorian Desalination Plant to the Inpex Project & the Galinwin’ku Community Housing Project in the Northern Territory. Traveling from N.T. to the Pilbara, Gary added Roy Hill and Hope Downs Rail Projects to his list of achievements.
Keen to move back to Victoria, Gary established Monero Constructions Australia Pty Ltd in 2017 to lead the way for future generations of Indigenous people by proving that with hard work and determination you can achieve your dreams.


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Our mission is to continuously further our quality of service, deliver all projects safely, on time and on budget whilst striving to be recognised as a highly-valued and reliable leader in the construction industry.


Our vision is to have our company organically and healthily grow from the strong foundation we already have. We strive to strengthen existing and flourish new partnerships that aid the growth we seek.


Our values include upholding and displaying the same level of respect towards our clientele as we share in our own organisation. Therefore, striving to complete every job safely, on time and on budget.


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Monero Constructions are proud to say they have strong partnerships with the below mentioned companies and organisations. Our primary goal is to ensure that our quality of work, our company image and our integrity that we continually strive to uphold remains second to none. Therefore, our partners have been hand-picked by the Directors of our company.